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? about dress site

I had fallen in love with this dress when it was posted in the classifieds!  I've been searching to find a local place that has it and came across this site.  I understand it's from china (i think) why is it so cheap?  I've come across a few places like this, but this one had a lot of info that you give them as far as measurments and everything.  I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about this site?

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    It is a knock off site-the dress is a Mori Lee dress that they are recreating. Which means, it will not be the quaility and possibly look the same when you get it.

    My suggestion if you like the dress, is to find a local shop that carries the Mori Lee line and try it on there.
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    You're really taking a big risk if you buy a knockoff like that.  Generally you get what you pay for, and the product you receive will most likely be poorly made using poor quality materials.
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