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Stupid Wedding Guests - Semi RSVP Rant

Ok so we have a small reception - only 100 people were invited due to finances. Our date is the 29th and so far we've only received a small portion of the rsvps back. Yesterday I had someone who wasn't invited say to me "can't you just replace on of your no reponses with my name?" and then another person asked "can I give my invitation to so and so since I can't come?"

Seriously! If I wanted them there, I would have sent them an invite in the first place. And how hard is it to send back RSVPs? I know everyone is frustrated with this but since today is the 30 day mark, I think the stress is finally getting to me!
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Re: Stupid Wedding Guests - Semi RSVP Rant

  • I totally hear you! See, e.g., my post re someone who asked if I could give her ANOTHER week so she could see if she can come. I didn't even want you there to begin with - it was a courtesy invite!

    People are so freakin stupid sometimes!
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  • Wow - that's pretty bold to ask if they could give their invitation to someone else who wasn't invited.

  • I feel your pain - I have only a handful of people who have RSVP'ed and I'm getting married the 3rd!!! It is SO stressful to plan a wedding in the first place, now I have to call everyone and see if they're coming...
    On another note, you know some bold people. I have never before heard of someone giving their invite to another person. Just wow.
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    [QUOTE]Wow - that's pretty bold to ask if they could give their invitation to someone else who wasn't invited.
    Posted by KatieK501[/QUOTE]

    Ditto. Were they trying to at least give it to a family member or something? Still, very bold.
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