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Cost of dress?

Hey!  I just got back from looking at wedding dresses.  I found one I totally adore, but haven't purchased yet.  I'm worried about the cost.....   how much is reasonable to spend?  How much did you spend?  

Re: Cost of dress?

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    I think everyone's definition of reasonable varies depending on their budget. You should have a budget set before you purchase anything. My gown was about $1400, but I got it for $1200 when paid for in full. I admit it was a bit over what I wanted to spend. We were able to cut costs elsewhere throughout the wedding planning to make up for the difference.
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     I was expecting to spend $3000, but the one I ended up with was $900--a pleasant surprise.  They range from $199 on sale at DB to about $6000 at local upscale bridal shops.  And up to $20,000 in big cities!  Spend what you are comfortable with if it is the dress of your dreams!
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    I was willing to spend up to $600, but I bought mine for $321.  Now I might splurge for the fancy hair-comb.
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    Mine is just under $1000.  That includes slight alterations and the bustle as well.  I agree, spend what you are comfortable with, but also remember it is a dress for just one day.  It is really easy to get spend-happy when planning a wedding.  
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    Reasonable cost for something is all relative. I had a $3000 budget for my dress not including accessories and alterations, but found a dress I loved and bought for about $1200.

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    Yeah, alterations and bustle are not usually included. That cost me another $350 and my veil cost about $300 as well. I would say my whole ensemble cost just about $2000.
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    mine was $2100 with alterations
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    I went to Davids Bridal, already in love with a $1,500 gown that I thought was my dream dress and walked out with a $99 gown that I absolutely LOVED! That was an absolutely pleasant surprise.
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    My dress is $500. When you add in all the alterations and accesories (veil, crinoline, bustier, etc) it adds up quick. I figure I will have spent close to $1000 when finished.
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    Yeah... the one i'm totally in love with was $1100 at House of Brides.  They got it on sale for $550.  I am naive I guess.  When I walked out I thought I only had to convince my fiance of the $550.  Later on I called the store and found out alterations would be another $300.  Definitely not what i bargained for..
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    I had budgeted $450 for my dress AND alterations and I ended up spending $106 after taxes for my dress this past weekend. I got it on sale for $99 and it was regularly $600+.
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    I spent $350 on my dress (got it on sale) but I haven't gotten it altered yet.
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    Got my dress on ebay for $200.  It was a $1000 dress that was brand new w/ tags on- the other bride didnt lose enough weight to get into it!- and I wont need alterations and Im not wearing a veil so, in all, $200.00
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    Alright.... so the conclusion of the story.....  My wonderful fiance got the store on the phone and talked the alterations down to $40 and the dress down to $440.  After the addional discounts we decided to buy it.  Laughing

    Thanks for all your stories and help!
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    I found mine in a store, and it was $2,000 - way over my budget.

    So I googled it, and found a woman who was selling it in my size for $300 canadian. I Messaged her and asked if she'd ship it to me, and she did!

    With alterations, I"m pretty sure I'll end up spending around $500 total for the dress :)
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    I just bought a sick fit and flare dress at davids bridal for $499. Im tallish so I wont need it hemmed on bottom. Just taken in a bit at the bustline. No veil for me, just some rhinestones in my hair. Got earring and a bracelet at Forever 21 for $8.50. Converse kicks for $12 on ebay. Bra to keep the girls up where they should be $59.
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