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Help me find the Pronovias Petunia Wedding dress.

Hi everyone, I have tried on the Pronovias Petunia wedding dress and have been quoted £1,750 - does anyone know where I can get it cheaper.  Are the websites that quote 400 dollars not real?  Any helps or tips would be appreciated.  Many thanks :)

Re: Help me find the Pronovias Petunia Wedding dress.

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    Websites that advertise a dress for $400 are knock-off sites and a waste of time and money.Stay away!

    Check the Wedding Classifieds to the left, or oncewed. They other ladies here may have other suggestions.

    Or you may try looking for the same type of dress  from a different designer. Good Luck!
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    have your tried recyclebride or preownedwedding dress site?  They often have store samples for sale for less money.

    good luck
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