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twist dresses

does anyone have one? or does anyone know what im talking about? im considering getting one, but im not sure about the fact that it basically has no back to it.

if you have one, how do you like it?

if you dont know what im talking about, here it is

Re: twist dresses

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    You mean for your BMs? Have them all try it on first and then ask them how they like it.

    I've seen it done in real life a few times ... sometimes great, sometimes not-so-great. It depends on the girl. There's no one dress style out there that will flatter absolutely everyone, so you really need to let your BMs try things on (or at the very least, look at the online pictures and voice their honest opinions). Don't just pick something out for them.
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    I have one! Not from Dessy - I bought it from an Esty seller:

    I was considering using this as my BM dress, but like pp said, it didn't look good on everyone. So now it's just for me =) I love it, but I have to wear it with the little tube top thing underneaht -- I'm rather small chester, and I can't fill it out enough to wear it by itself.
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    I have one that I got from American Apparel because I thought it was GREAT but yeah have the girls try them on first.
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