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Dressmaking by Dolly- thanks for the recommendations!

  • SOO glad you guys all recommended me to Dolly. I had my first fitting last night, and I was totally dreading it. I was guessing my alterations were gunna run me $500-ish... maybe more.

  • What I'm getting done for $250:
  • bra cups inserted
  • french bustle
  • hemmed
  • taken in
  • steamed
  • fixing a lot of bead work (I bought it off the rack at a sample sale. It's beaded head to toe so of coarse there were issues here and there)
and she's steaming a BM dress I have for my friend's wedding for free! 
  • I feel like she is way undercharging me...but I can't complain! She asked where I got the dress and why I didn't get it altered there. I told her Madeline's Daughter in Portsmouth and that they won't do your alterations for you if you buy at a sample sale (or maybe it was if you buy off the rack? Either way they wouldn't do mine). She said I lucked out that they wouldn't do it cause their alteration prices start at $550 (might have been $500?) and go up from there for anything "extra"... she said my bra cups and bead work would have both been considered "extra". 

I don't know how true this is, but she seems like an honest women and I was expecting to pay that much anyways. Plus it seems like a pretty high class place with expensive dresses so I wouldn't be surprised if they charged more than a small business like Dolly's

Anyways... Thanks so much for the recommendation! That extra money I factored in for alterations has now been transferred over to some decor I wanted but hadn't budgeted for :)
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Re: Dressmaking by Dolly- thanks for the recommendations!

  • NICE!!! I'm so glad you had a great experience with her! I am going this Saturday for my second fitting with her!! =)
  • How exciting!! Between the fitting last night and booking the night of hotel this aftenoon... it feels way more real than it did even a few days ago. It probably helps that tomorrow will be 100 days left!!

    I don't know how I failed to mention this in my OP, but she is a sweetheart too :) She told me she is 72...I couldn't even believe it! She was telling me how she's going on a vacation this winter in Canada to go snowmobiling LOL
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  • I LOVE Dolly!! She is such a sweetie and she does amazing work! She even offered to come on my wedding day to lace me up in my dress! I could not have been happier with her work.  So glad you had a good experience!
  • wow 72!! I never would have guessed! She looks good!
  • Dolly is fantastic.  When my sister got her dress done, Dolly said she does not charge a lot because weddings are so expensive and a bride shouldn't have to worry.  She is fantastic.  She even came to the hotel that day and dressed my sister is her insanely heavy and complicated dress (for a tip...we gave her a $100...she also did all the corsets for the girls)
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  • I love me some Dolly. I've been using her for over 6 years.. and now (of course) she is doing my gown. She is also coming to the hotel to get me into my dress and lace the corset back so it all looks perfect. She's honest to a fault, and is amazing to work with. I am so glad people are keeping her in business doing what she loves! SO glad everyone else has the same wonderful experience :)
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  • Dolly is great.  She did my dress and all 6 of my bridesmaids, my mom and my flower girls dress.  I wouldn't have gone to anyone else!  She's done all my friends wedding dresses as well.

  • She is amazing!! I have my last fitting with her next Friday and I love her so much!! 
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  • I'm a Dolly fan too!  I have my final fitting with her in 2 weeks and she has been great.  She quoted me $250 at the first fitting for all the work and at the second she actually dropped the price by $50 because we determined she didn't need to do a certain step. I fully expected to still pay the $250 but she said no because she "doesn't believe in charging extra $ just because she quoted the price in the beginning."  She is such a sweetheart.
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  • Just updating with more wonderful praise for Dolly. I had asked Dolly to come to the venue to dress me (my dress is a corset back and my MOH never bothered to come to a fitting). She came on time, even though it was monsoon conditions. I was late by over 45 minutes due to hotel issues and she acted like nothing happened. I apologized profusely but she wouldn't have it. She was admiring the ocean while waiting. She not only got me in my dress, she helped my girls get in theirs, and then she taught me how to pee with a wedding gown on! hahahahha. She shed a tear before leaving me to walk down the aisle. I started dubbing my dress fittings as "dolly date night" because we would just chat and laugh and have a wonderful time. I really can't say enough wonderful things about her services as well as how personable and fun she is.
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