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So torn :(

Hey ladies- I'm hoping you can give me some feedback.

FI's cousin is getting married on Thanksgiving Saturday and FI is one of the GMs. The rehearsal will be on Fri followed by a grooms dinner (not sure exactly on the time, probably evening).
The thing is my brother lives 10 hours away from us and the last time I saw him was in May. He's coming home for Thanksgiving (to my parents) with his new FI (just got engaged last month) but he is not coming home for Christmas.

We are trying to figure out what to do. My parents live 4 hours south of us and the wedding is 2 hours northwest of us. FI and I want to go to my parents' for Thanksgiving- mainly because we want to see my brother and then make the 6 hour drive up north to his cousin's wedding. My brother and his FI will be making a 5 hour drive from the east. My brother's FMIL is also possibly coming for Thanksgiving (she'll be making a 5 hour drive from the south). We will not be able to get to my parents' until after 10-11 PM on Wednesday night and be required to leave early on Friday. My MIL thinks it is okay for my FI to miss the rehearsal and just come late on Friday or even on Saturday since the wedding is not until 5 PM and she believes that family is important and that we should get a chance to spend some time with my brother. My FI agrees, but it doesn't sound like his cousin agrees. His cousin wants everybody to be at the rehearsal and the dinner on Friday night.

What do you think we should do? It's painful thinking about the possibly of not seeing my brother and he is my only sibling. The children (brother, his FI, me, my FI) are planning on cooking the entire Thanksgiving dinner this year- first time ever.  
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