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Review: Christian Pendergraft Photography

My wedding day was a wonderful event of friends, family, wonderful food and music. The best part was, I was able to enjoy the entire evening without eyes blinded by flashes or feeling as though I had a camera lens hovering in my face. Christian was able to capture all of the greatest moments of the night, from the ceremony to my cousin hoisting my groom up on his shoulders and dancing through the room, without being obtrusive or invasive. The quality of the pictures are amazing- I am going to struggle picking my favorites for an album because there are SO many! 

Christian himself is wonderful to work with- happy, outgoing, and able to elicit natural, actual smiles with his quick wit and real understanding of the relationship of the couple he is working with. Our bridal party was so happy that they were able to take pictures and have time to join cocktail hour due to his timely arrival, understanding of our venue (to which he had never been before), and ability to work efficiently and capture wonderful candid moments.

It has been two weeks since my wedding, and my pictures are posted in a gallery that I can allow my friends and family access to by sharing my password. They are able to purchase photos they like, or simply browse though them and share in our memories. One month after my wedding and I have all the images (both proofs and hi res) on discs that are mine to reproduce as I like via third party sites. The entire process, from engagement session to our future album, has been surprisingly painless, absolutely delightful, and with amazing results! This bride and typically camera-shy groom wholeheartedly recommend Christian Pendergraft Photography!

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