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How long will the designer's gowns be available?
What I mean is, I found a gown that I am in love with from a 2011 collection.  My wedding isn't until 2012.  I know its early to be looking for a gown, and I really haven't been, I just browsed because I was bored and sort of found what could possibly be "the one".  I am concerned that I won't find one as much as I like this one (and it is within my budget which is a huge bonus).
So how long can I wait until it will be too late to order it?

My other issue with this gown is no stores within 3 provinces carry it (I've checked) but they can all order it for me.  All the stores have the same policy, I pay a deposit, they order, I pay for the dress, no return.  Obviously there are issues with that.  They have suggested trying on similar dresses and going from there but that still worries me. And the local shop doesn't have any similar anyway, so I am going to have to travel to even do that.
The good thing is, we are going on a vacation in the summer which will likely be to the US or to a larger city that will have larger bridal stores and hopefully a larger selection to try on.

Any thoughts or suggestions for the situation.  Or just sit back and hope for the best?
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