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hey everyone! 1st time posting because i need some fellow bride advice!! my girls' dresses are long so i dont really care about the shoes they wear as long as the color is right...i have some people suggesting that the shoes MUST be the same style because if not, it'll look funny in pictures, etc...same with jewelry...what do you think?? HELP!!

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    No, giving them a color and letting them pick their own style is perfectly acceptable.  It's actually very thoughtful because they can then pick their own style that's most comfortable for them.  My ladies had short dresses and I asked them to pick a shoe in a champagne or gold color.  I didn't think they looked odd together at all.  

    And no one cares what jewelry your BM wear.  Do you remember any of the BM jewelry from any of the weddings you've been to?  Let them wear their own jewelry.
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  • Nobody is going to notice the BM's shoes or accessories.  Having never been a fan of the march of the clones, I'd advise letting them wear whatever jewelry they choose and let them wear whatever shoe.  You said the dresses are long so it's not like they'll be noticeable - they could wear hot pink shoes and you won't notice.
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  • All my girls are wearing the same color shoe (silver) in whatever style they want or have.  I was originally thinking the same jewelry, but they all have very different styles so they are wearing whatever they want to. 
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  • Ditto pp's. I told my BM's the color (silver) of shoe and they chose the style, etc. They loved me for it bc one of my BM's doesn't like open toed shoes, therefore if I would have said open toed heels, she would have been uncomfortable.

    As far as the jewelry goes, let them choose their own. Assuming they all have good taste, they will do just fine with that. I actually got all of my BM's a pair of earrings to wear to the wedding along with other things for their gifts, so you could do something like that if you wanted.
  • You are better off letting them pick their own style in whatever color like PP said. I have one bridesmaid that won't wear anything under a three inch heel and three that refuse to wear heels period. They have to be comfortable.
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  • I didn't give my girls any direction on accessories, except to ask that they stayed in our color scheme (all neutrals).  Far from looking bad in pictures, the shoes and jewelry are barely visible at all.  You're right, the naysayers are wrong.
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  • thanks for the advice everyone!!! Smile
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