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Choose my dress!!

All of my wedding dress shopping is online, so I don't have photos of me in these (yet.) Right now I'm just ordering things and returning them if I don't like it. I may finally have a winner in one of these, so let me know what you think. Oh, and about me: I'm 5'2", about a size 2, not very curvy and we're having a just the two of us wedding on the beach.

Dress 1
Pros: FI loves it, it's very much my style and super cheap.
Cons: It is "Pippas" dress, but I would be altering it to be sleeveless. The return policy is only 30 days.

Dress 2
Pros: It feels more like a wedding dress and I love lace.
Cons: It's more pricey, but I have a 40% off coupon. I'd have to pay for return shipping. I didn't really want strapless. 
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Re: Choose my dress!!

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    I like the second one better and you could easily add on some sheer or lace straps that would make it more what you were looking for.  I don't not like the Pippa dress, but I guess it just doesn't seem as beachy to me.
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    I can tell you like the first one better. I think cutting off the sleeves will make it not look like "Pippa's" and if it does, who cares? It's just you and your FI and your FI loves that dress. You love it too. And the price, you can't beat.

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    They're both beautiful, and you guys seem more excited about number one.  I think if you like it, then go for it.  :)  I personally am a sucker for lace, and the second one seems more "beach" wedding than the first, but I don't think that you can go wrong with either.

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    I hate the idea of wearing a dress inspired by a Middleton.  They're regular people just like all of us.  She picked a pretty dress but does it really have to be the "it" thing right now?  Blech.
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    If you like 1, go for 1! People wore cowl neck style dresses years before Pippa middleton did it, and they will continue to do it for years after.  If the pippa thing bothers you, find another random obscure celebrity who wore a dress like that once, and when someone says 'Oh, Like Pippa!" say, "What? Who? No, like -Insert random (possibley even fake) celebrity name here."
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    since theres a return policy go for the one you want most and you can always return it if its not what you thought it would be!
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    The cons on both of these dresses seem like pretty big cons.

    Do you really want to be married in a dress where everyone will say "Oh look, her dress is the Pippa dress!"

    Do you really want to be married in a strapless dress, when you didn't want strapless?

    Only you can decide if it's worth it.
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    They are both pretty.  You might buy the first one to try on and return it if you don't like it.  Personally I think the 2nd is more fitting for the beach, but the cost is higher.  Did you look at the fine print of your coupon, and would the 40% off apply?
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    Who cares if it looks like Pippa's dress. Once you alter it - it'll be different - it'll be YOUR dress! I say go w/ the one you like best, which seems to be #1 :)
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    Pippa's dress is gorgeous - but it will be YOUR dress after you ROCK it! No one will say: "Hey - that's Pippa's dress." You will look hot in it. Go for #1 (you seem to like it best). Best of luck!
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    If you love the first dress go with that one. I actually think that it's funny that everyone is saying that dress is "Pippa's" dress. I had a dress I wore to a wedding almost 8 years ago that was very similar in style and to me it looked very 50's and simple but elegant. In 50 years no one will remember that the dress was "Pippa's" just that the dress you chose was classic and elegant.
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    I like the second one better and I like the idea that you could always add little sleeves or straps to it.
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    I love the second one and a lot of designers can add straps.  I would look into adding some spaghetti straps or sheer straps like jemmini6 mentioned. 
    I am sure both would look lovely.  Good luck :)
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    I like the second one better, and you can definitely add straps.. that is what I'm doing!
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    There is an amazing Jim Hjelm dress that looks like your #1, but it is slightly different with a lace back...check it out here: Jim Hjelm .  I am actually going to use this as my bridesmaid dresses in the Indigo color!! I love it!!!  And I don't care if it looks somewhat like pippa's a nice dress!!  You can probably get this one in white too.  I will say for a wedding dress as your choices I like #2, but they are both different. I think it depends on the look of your wedding too.  You could get for ceremony and one for reception too!!!
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    pick dress number two because at least you can feel comfortable in it. Plus I really love lace and it just sounds like the better deal
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