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Bridesmaid Dress Length

Okay, so I know it's still super early to be thinking of things like this (haven't picked my wedding party yet because it's so far out) but I am just so excited and have all these thoughts and questions running through my head and can't not ask them.

We aren't getting married for two more years but it is going to be a summer wedding (June), most likely early in the day.  Well I'm just starting to think about colors and dresses and how I'm picturing everything and I really like the idea of tea length bridesmaid dresses.  However, even though I haven't picked my WP I know my two sisters will be two of my BMs and they are much older than me (I'm 25 and they are 41 and 39).  So while I like the idea, and think shorter, lighter dresses would be more comfortable (especially if we end up having a beach wedding), I am thinking that would be inappropriate for older women. 

In the end, I wouldn't want my sisters to be uncomfortable.  But I feel like on one side they will be uncomfortable with shorter dresses and on the other side it could be uncomfortable wearing longer dresses during the summer.

Does anyone have any opinions on this?
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