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Help me find these shoes!

I found these fabulous shoes on the knot, but I can't find them anywhere online or in stores.  The shoes are from a store called Shoe-nami and are apparently by a brand called Glamour Original.  The problem is, despite my search on zappos, google, ebay, etc, I can't even find this brand, much less the shoes.  Help!?

Re: Help me find these shoes!

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    what about searching

    sometimes I go looking for something specific and find like 10 great things that come close- if not equal to or better.

    I'm going to look too... I'll see if I can find purple pumps like that.
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    Ok. I searched amazon and I can't find anything similar. If I were you... I would do one of three things...

    when I googled Shoe-nami, It came up with a few shoe stores with that name. You could give them a call and see if maybe you can special order them...

    or- find light purple peep toes and attach your own matching brooches.

    or look for different shoes...

    sorry I couldn't be more help. Good luck.

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    Try visiting a local bridal shop that sells bridal shoes.  They may have better luck researching this information for you.  Hope this helps.
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    I can't help, but I hope you find them. They are fabulous!
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    edited January 2010
    These shoes are so fabulous.  You have to get them. 

    I think you should call the store and describe them.  I myself have gone very far to find the shoes that I want.  I'll call them for you.  These shoes are so great. This came up on goggle

    3319 Severn Avenue, Metairie, LA
    (504) 885-0805

    Good luck, hope you get them.
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    Whenever you find them let me know! I am also dreaming of these shoes! I love them and can't find them anywhere!
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