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January Wedding in PA

does it even MATTER what kind of dress I wear? The Ceremony will be held at the reception site so I'm not even going to be outside in my dress

Re: January Wedding in PA

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    I had a February wedding near Baltimore, we still had about 10 inches of snow on the ground thanks to the Feb. 6 & 10 blizzrds. I wore a strapless gown and strappy sandals. I was outside to go from the hotel lobby to the car and from the car to the doors of the venue, maybe about 15 steps total.

    I did buy an adorable cream-colored faux-suede jacket to wear over my dress while outside, but that was my only concession to the weather.
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    The kind of dress you wear really won't matter, esp if you're not planning on taking any outdoor pictures.  Other than some sort of a cape or jacket (because, as you know, it will be cold here in January!), you can wear whatever makes you happy. 

    Some women or bridal consultants might suggest a heavier fabric because of the temps, but if you're indoors, I think you'll be fine with whatever.

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    thanx girls!
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