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Finally...a nightmare

Ok so I had my first wedding related nightmare the other night.  Here it is:

We decided one day to change the date of the wedding, which would have been fine but we decided to pick the following weekend.  We sent out new invitations with only 4 days to respond.  I put my FI in charge of notifying the vendors and he forgot.  The day of the wedding came and things just went from bad to worse.  The vendors had no idea.  We had gotten 10 RSVPs but 100 people showed up.  Everyone said they mailed them and the mail hadnt been delivered yet.  People were sitting on the floor eating the fruit garnishes from the bar because there wasn't enough food.  People were fighting over who got the cherries and who got the olives.  The music consisted of my uncle trying to rap.  It was a disaster.  When we got back from the hm.....we had a mailbox full of rsvps saying how people couldn't wait to celebrate our special day. 

It wasn't a long dream but I still laugh with the image of my grandmother sucking on an olive. 
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