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For those of you who are getting diamond wedding the diamonds go all the way around or half-way around?

Re: Wedding bands...

  • Halfway around.  I wanted them to go all the way around, but after trying one on, I started having this awful feeling I'd knock all the diamonds on the bottom side (whichever side ended up on bottom) the first time I wore it.  I'm very rough on jewelry, so my concern may not be universal. And even though my jeweler will replace any diamonds that might be lost thanks to the warranty, I didn't want to take any chances.


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  • Halfway around bc of the reason the pp said. I have heard that if you get them all the way around, they are constantly getting knocked and hit on things. I knew I wanted diamonds on the band and halfway around was definitely the way to go.
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  • I only have three drill-set diamonds on my band, with the metal work it goes about 1/3 away aroud.
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  • I wanted to get mine all the way around, but I am hesitant for the very same reasons you are saying. I have diamonds on my e-ring on the side, and ONE ALREADY FELL OUT!!! So now I am really nervous about having diamonds on my wedding band.
  • Half!  comfort reasons.
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  • I'm def doing half.  My e-ring band has diamonds halfway around and I've already lost 2... I couldn't imagine what would happen if they went all the way around!
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  • Did you have them replaced?

  • Mine go a little more than 1/3 of the way around but that's how it is on my e-ring too.
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  • The one we picked for me goes probably 1/3 of the way around because we didn't want them going around further than the stones on my e-ring
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  • The stones on my band will go about half way around but it is the band that matches my e-ring to make it a set and the stones on my e-ring go about half way around.

  • I guess I am the minority but mine will go all the way around. I didn't want to deal with it spinning around and not showing the right side. If it is well made the diamonds shouldn't fall out, plus we will insure it. I also like the symbolism of an eternity band (no beginning and no end) because I am a nerd like that.
  • My e-ring band has 70% pave, and I want a similar wedding band.  If you need to have it re-sized it's much harder and more expensive to do it with an eternity band, and apparently re-sizing an eternity band increases the risk of the stones falling out.

    I like the look of the 70% band better than the 50% because it looks like the diamons go all the way around.
  • halfway to match my ering
  • Mine is a vintage ring with 10 small stones channel-set across the top of the band. 

    I don't really like the look of the eternity bands with diamonds going all the way around.  I guess some OCD part of me feels like you should know what is the "top" and "center" of the ring...

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  • MyWedding13:  I have had them replaced, the jeweler does it for free so no harm no foul. I should also say with them falling out has coincided with the two times I have gotten the ring sized, so that could be the reason as well?

    Karens MOH:  I have a Verragio ring and they are made very well, the jeweler told me that because it is a micro prong setting on the stones they have potential of falling out easier than a channel set or pave setting because as the ring sets to the shape of my finger the prongs loosen. 
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  • 1/3 of the way around, to match how far the side stones go around on my e-ring.
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