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Ideas for Ring Bearer

Does anyone have any cute ideas for ring bearer attire? We ate having a rustic/chic wedding in September. My big dilemma is having him 3 yrs old match our flower girl whos going to be extra unique in a standard navy blue tutu and a ivory leotard. What will go with this? What do I stay away from? Any feedback would be great! :

Re: Ideas for Ring Bearer

  • A navy blue suit?

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  • I told my ring bearers' mom that they could wear whatever she picks out (or already has) that matches each other. I don't think it's that big a deal, and I don't want it to be expensive for her.

    I would stay away from renting a tux for him, because the shoes won't be comfortable and kids don't know how to handle it like the GM (hopefully!) do. I have seen RBs cry during the ceremony because of this, which disrupts the wedding and is miserable for the kid. With the FG in that outfit (super cute, btw!), I would try to incorporate the blue somehow, but I honestly don't think anyone will notice or care whether that is a navy blue suit or just khaki pants and a navy blue tie.
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  • Our ringbearer wore this, which I found on The pants and tie were black, but you could use a blue bowtie if you wanted.

    He was 3 at the time of the wedding.

    Search on where you can find a lot of different manufacturers. Look for " boys eaton suit", "boys dress pants", "boys bow ties", "Boys suspenders", etc.
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