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Ok, Girls.  I'm not going to phrase this well (wicked cold.  There's something going around)-  But I hope you can get what I'm saying.

I know I need to reserve a block of rooms for guests.  We're getting married at Zorvino in Sandown.  How do I go about doing this?  Do we call them and ask for rates?  Do we walk in and judge the niceness of the hotel?

We want to keep the rates down as much as possible, and I wonder if there are some hotels that would do complimentary shuttles, or if we would have to pay for it.  I also want quality for them.

So-  where do I go from here?  Anyone with recommendations?  Do I just start calling hotels? (Once I can speak coherently again, of course.)  Do we take rides and just go and see what we get the right "feel" for?

I know what guests will be traveling to get here-  but I also wonder a way to figure out how many local guests will want a room and a shuttle so they don't have to drive.  Is there a way to figure out how many rooms I'll need, or will the hotel just...  hold off a whole bunch. 

Yes.  I think that's it.  Thank you in advance for answering!
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Re: Hotels

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    I would first check with Zorvino's to see if they can recommend places for accomodations.

    It looks like the closest hotel is around 30 min from Zorvinos.  I'd just start checking out reviews and typical rates of hotels closest to Zovinos and then figure out which you want to find out more about.  The hotel front desk can give you the contact info. for who coordinates the room blocks and what the rates are.

    My hotel is offering a room block of 20 rooms without any penalties if they don't all book 30 days before my wedding and offer a complimentary shuttle, although I know this isn't always the case.  One of my friends got married last April and spent $250 on a hotel shuttle because it wasn't complimentary. 

    You can also see if you and your FI can get a complimentary room if a certain number of rooms are booked for your wedding.  HTH!
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    Black Tie limo's as well as school bus companies both offer the service.
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    For hotels near Zorvino's I would look at the Holiday Inn in Salem off exit 2 off 93. It is about 20 mins from Zorvino's.
    Also Exeter isn't too far from Sandown, again about 20 mins down rt 111. There are more hotels there. There is a Hampton Inn and a Fairfield Inn.

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    We're getting married not far from you and we reserved rooms at The Holiday Inn at exit 2 in Salem NH for our guests. They don't reserve a block- you sign a contract and they give your guests a discounted rate. They don't have a shuttle though. I am looking at Black Tie Limo and Linehan Limo for shuttles for our guests. I'm having the same issue of not knowing how many guests will be getting hotel rooms. Linehan lets you rent te shuttle vans per hour so I am thinking about doing more then one so it accomodates enough people. I'm going to ask the people I talk to all the time to try and get a better idea of numbers staying at the hotel- that was the only way I could come up with. Hope that helps!
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