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trunk shows?

Hi ladies!

my wedding is pretty far out (Oct 8, 2011), but I've been poking around online looking at dresses, and I found one that i kind of like (I'm a pretty picky person.. so kind of like is a BIG step for me).  and the designer is having a trunk show in my area in a couple weeks.  I'm just wondering if its worth it to go?  I understand that its often cheaper  to find a dress there.. but I'm not a huge crowd person.  I'm also not sure what trunk shows are like- anyone have any helpful tips?


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    It depends on the designer whether or not it will be crowded. I think you should go, but don't feel pressured to buy...because that is what they want. I went to a trunk show for Lazarro and it was crowded, but not overly so. Go check it out!
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    Trunk shows are just an opportunity for the designers to show off their collection.  There's usually a discount (maybe 10%) if you purchase one of the designers gowns that day.  If you like the dress then you should go and try it on.  The designer will be there so if you wanted to change anything about it the designer can give you feedback whether it can be done or not.  I don't suggest you purchasing the gown that day though since your wedding is still pretty far away, unless you're head over heels for it and know you won't want any other dress.
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    I know that at the CT Bridal Event, Love me Two Times is having a trunk show of all sorts of designers.  From what I understand is that she gets designer gowns from NYC and they sell them at a super discounted price. You can buy your dress right at the show.   Most trunk shows that I've heard of, are just one designer in our area.  I kind of like the idea of seeing different designs. 
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    I made appointments during trunk shows on either a Sunday if it was available or as one of their last appointments of the day and both times it wasn't busy at all. But, I'm not sure how all trunk shows work! I think it's worth it because many boutiques don't have very many dresses of that designer except for at a trunk show.
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    thanks for all the messages! i emailed them and made an appt.  i'm pretty excited! Smile
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