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Ok, My wedding is 43 days away. I have been trying to loose all or at least some of my post baby weight and have not had a real easy time. I think I may have even gained a couple pounds. So needless to say my dress won't zip up all the way. I was planning on taking it to David's Bridal to have alterations ( back panel and bustle) but I have been reading that some people are paying like 400+. I really don't want to pay that much. So I am just looking for some feedback on how much other people have paid at DB. You help is GREATLY appreciated!

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    I didnt get mine done at DB but I got mine done at Alfred Angelo and for altering the neckline and adding a bustle and it was about 300 dollars.
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    DB here (where I got my dress) is like 400 for taking it in like 1/2 size nothing else :-) I found a lady (SIL used her a year ago) that will do it for $150 and it will take her 2 weeks less time!
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    I found the lady that did my alterations by recommendations on my local board, start there. You may have better luck finding someone at a decent price. I didn't go to DB but I lurk enough to see the complaints about their pricing.Good Luck.
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    I got my dress at DB but all i had to have done was a bussle and it's taking about two weeks and it cost me $35. But it's a slim A-line dress so they didn't have to do a whole lot to bussle it.
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    I agree with the PP--finding a local seamstress that other brides have used and trust is the best way to go, IMO.  Try your local board for a rec.
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    @ Nyema, so to bustle your dress, DB only charged $35?? I am going to have my dress bustled next month and I am so worried about how much it is going to cost. That is all I need done, too.
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    Ditto trying to find someone local that is reliable- I think it is well worth using someone you can speak to personally and count on them to do the work you agree on at a decent price.  I paid $230.00 to have my dress let out 3" (I'm bustier than the dress was, lol) and have about 6" taken off the hem, plus changed the straps some and did a five point bustle (the bustle was 10.00/point) and also she shortened all the underskirt, which was like four layers of stuff.  I felt like I got a great deal and it was very personal, she worked with me like I was the only client she had.  I also had her take a woman's size 4 dress down to a toddler size 4 so that my flowergirl could have the same dress as the big girls.  She charged me $70.00 to do that....but it is amazing how wonderful it came out.  You could not tell that it was not bought off the rack in the toddler size.  Anyway, good luck to you- ask around and see what other people in your area are recommending.  I bought my dress as a sample on ebay, so I knew the measurements were going to be all I had to go on, and there was no sending it back.  I can tell you though that I would not have trused DB with my way no how.  I love it and wouldn't want it lost or misplaced in the shuffle down there.  (The one local to me is an absolute zoo).
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    I am getting my dress alteration done at a local bridal salon that I ordered the dress.

    My dress needs bottom hemmed ($124), bustle ($90), and taken-in bust at the neckline($65) to fit my small chest. 

    My dress is Mori Lee 2406. The seamstress told me I need 6 points of french bustle. I was expecting 3 points.  :(  Too bad I don't have enough knowledge to negotiate.

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