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White Mountain Bachelorette report


I had quite an untraditional bachelorette weekend, but I thought I'd write a little about it. I booked Johnson's Hotel in Twin Mountain, which was a 5 bedroom house with kitchen and three bathrooms - perfect for a mountain base for hiking and other activities.

On Saturday, we met at the Cannon Mountain tram lot and hiked the Greenleaf trail up about a mile. I wore a veil and others wore silly hats. We did bring two men - signficant others of my friends who were hiking with me. We entered the woods, took off our hats and bushwacked up to Eagle Cliff. It has a fantastic view of Franconia Notch and it was a very clear day! The way down took us a long time, through some thick woods, but the moss was beautiful!

We got down and a few of the women in my party drove to the Mountain View Grand in Whitefield, which is my venue. We had a drink there and relaxed. Then we headed back to our hotel to have dinner and more drinks.

On Sunday, three of us went to the Highland Games. I wore my veil and took numerous pictures with guys in kilts. We even took pictures with a rock band called the Red Hot Chili Pipers and watched their show. The Highland Games were actually a lot of fun for a bachelorette - music, food, drinks, men in kilts. We really had a fun time.

I know that many women go to a number of bars, and that's a lot of fun - I just thought that I'd share my weekend with you to give you other ideas that can be a lot of fun as well!

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