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Bridesmaids shoes

My bridesmaids and I are looking at different shoe choices. This is the dress.

What do you ladies think? Heals? flip flops?  If we were to do heals do you suggest having everyone wear their own pair ?  They don't need to match do they?

(Its a beachy wedding and I already bought them all white flip flops that we are going to decorate for the reception and beach pictures)

Thanks for any advice!
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Re: Bridesmaids shoes

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    Is the ceremony taking place on the sand?  If so, I would say either a nicer pair of sandals or nothing at all for the ceremony.  Maybe heels for the reception if they want to wear them.
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    The ceramony will be in a church by the beach. Just pictures will be on the beach and the reception is very beachy. 

    Okay that was what i was thinking silver heal, of their own I think almost all of them have a pair.

    Then the decorated flip flops for beach pictures and reception.
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    Red2111Red2111 member
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    sicne your having your photos on the beach/sand  i'd go with a sandal with a medium to high thick heel. 

    heels in the sand may equate to them falling and possibly ruining the dresses or harming themselves.  barefoot might lead to burnt feet depending on how hot it is, and flip flops while nice aren't thick enough to prevent their feet grom being sand logged (which can create slippage) and might make them appear barefoot in the pictures.

    with a thick sole or medium sized thick width heel it will give them the stability in the sand while walking and stil be up high enough to help prevent sand from getting stuck in their shoes.
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    Since the ceremony is in the church I vote silver heels and bareless for sand!
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