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I bought my dress off the rack at a sample sale, and its back at the salon now for alterations. I think I'd like to have it cleaned before the wedding, is this something I should ask the salon to do or something worth doing my on my own to save a few pennies?
What is the recommended standard, steam clean or pressed or...? (my dress has layers of silk organza with lace appliques)

Thanks for your advice!

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    The salon most likely will not clean it, I would ask them for a reputable cleaner. This isnt something I would attempt to do myself. It would be really easy to ruin the material. Plus, the can steam it while it's there.

    Check your local board for a cleaner recommendation.
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    Ditto kd, I also bought my gown off the rack at a sample sale and it needed a good cleaning before it was ready to wear!  The shop where you purchased your gown probably doesn't have the resources to clean gowns but I'm sure the associates there or the ladies on your local board would be knowledgeable to direct you to a dry cleaner's that does a good job with wedding gowns.  Just make sure you have it clear with the cleaners that you just want the gown CLEANED and not PRESERVED which would be a lot more expensive!

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