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What you Don't Want to Hear at the Seamstress: Unalterable

The question is... Should I go back to the bridal salon about this? My problem:

Yesterday was supposed to be a happy occasion.

I picked up my fabulous dress from the bridal shop after holding my breath for five long months. It was just as gorgeous as I remembered.

It was also just as long as I remembered - really, just way too much for a 5'3 individual like myself. But, just as the salon owners assured me back in November, they assured me again - my seamstress would be able to shorten it.

So I tote my new dress over to the seamstress right after picking it up, put it back on... and gave my seamstress an anyeurism.

Most of it was a blur, as perhaps I lost consciousness, but the following words did come out of her mouth at some point:

- "Unalterable"
- "This dress is wearing you, not the other way around"
- "Who the heck was your bridal consultant? (She works with this salon pretty closely)
- "I've been doing this for 17 years and have never run into this before"

The issue with the dress (here is that it is beaded all the way through. The concern was that cutting it would result in all of the beading tumbling off the dress. Also, the "flare" portion has just way too much fluff for my short self.

I was at a loss for solutions, being I have no clue when it comes to sewing. I suggested we google search an answer, or call Allure for some guidance. I said we could go back to the bridal shop... but then only have two short months to get  a dress. As a last resort, I could go get 6" heels, and tower over my fiance the day of.

Eventually, the seamstress just came at the dress with a pair of scissors while I closed my eyes and held my breath. (This should be illegal. Sometimes, you just don't want to know "how the sausage is made"). The entire time, she mentioned things that could have been done by the salon owner to avoid the trouble (ordering it in a different way... can't remember exactly how she described it... OR not even showing me that dress to begin with). Also, because of all of the effort that was going to be needed to make this dress work, I began to panic that it was going to amount to $$$, maybe even as much as I paid for the dress to begin with! By the end of the 2.5 hour appt, though, she gave me a good idea visually of what she was going to do, gave me the quote, and I was at least feeling a little bit hopeful that all will not be lost.

But, here I am 24 hours later feeling "sold." I paid $$ for that dress, and had to witness it get hacked to pieces (why did I pay for all of that crinoline if it was just going to be removed?) I want to call the salon and tell them how I feel, and that I just might warn others online against the danger of not being given honest counsel so that they can earn a buck. I don't know what good its going to do. The dress is bought and paid for (and now, already unreturnable). I just feel like I need to do it to stand up for the next person that walks in the door.

Anybody else have trouble like this? What did you do?

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