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Hey ladies,

I need some advice.... My BM are wearing black dresses, our wedding colors are black and white with a little pink. My mom and my grandmother are trying to figure out what kind of dress they are going to wear. My grandmother already bought a black dress to wear to the wedding (but is thinking of getting something else) and my mom was thinking of doing the same. I don't want them to look part of the WP i feel like they should stand out a little more. The wedding is in November, any suggestions of what color they should wear?

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    [QUOTE]In Response to MOB dress : They should wear whatever dress/color they feel comfortable in.  No one is going to mistake your mom and grandma for a bridesmaid.
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    Ditto. It's so hard to shop for nice MOB dresses, don't limit her by restricting her choice of colors.
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    Our wedding took place the end of September with almost identical color scheme. My Mom and Nana went dress shopping together and my Mom chose a satin gown in a smoky amethyst color and my Nana chose a black beaded chiffon gown. Lots of PIB if you are interested in seeing.

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    My BMs were in black dresses with spring green sashes.

    My grandma chose a black dress. My mom wore ice blue.

    Just tell them to get anything that makes them feel pretty.
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    Ditto what everyone has said...We have the same colors, and my BM's are in black satin. My mom is wearing a black chiffon dress, and MOG is wearing a champagne color dress. No clue what the grandmothers are wearing, but I don't really care as long as they're comfortable! Everyone will know who the mothers are when they get seated.
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    I'm getting married in November the BM are wearing chocolate.  My mom loved the color but didn't want the same as the girls.  She ended up getting a very pretty berry (purple) dress and my grandmom is leaning towards blue.
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    We're still in the early stages, but our colors are black and white with red accents.  MOB is going to wear a black and white dress.  We are having our wedding outside and it is going to be a formal garden party feel, but because it's also going to be outdoors on a warm day, I told everyone to be comfortable.  The BM's are going to wear black knee length dresses and my mom's dress is knee length as well.  I'm pretty sure no one will mistake my mom for a bridesmaid and even if they do, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't mind.  MOG is probably going to wear a dress that is pretty similar to MOB.
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