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How soon to buy a dress?

I just got engaged about a week ago. I am so excited - especially to dress shop! I've been looking at dress designers I love, and there is a Watters trunk show near me in a month. However, I am likely not getting married for about 1.5 years (possibly 1 year and 8 months).

My questions is how soon is too soon to get a dress? Or even start looking. I don't want to get bored of my dress or buy it too early.

My style is relatively simple and classic - nothing trendy. Ideally, I have some weight to lose before I get married (would like to lose 1-2 sizes). I also am definitely a person who will try on a lot of dresses before making a decision.

Thanks for the advice!

Re: How soon to buy a dress?

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    Wait until you've booked your venue.  I know a few people who were excited to dress shop, "just to look", and fell in love with a dress and bought it on the spot.  They later booked their venue and realized their dresses didn't fit the venue.
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    Congrats. I think it really depends on if you find the one or not..

    My wedding is in April 2011 and My dress is already orderd it will be here in 4-5 weeks.

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    I bought my gown a year and 9 mo. out.  It was the 6th dress I tried on.
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    I am in some of the same boat here.  My wedding is way off.  I have a style I love but will it be discontinued?  How often will styles be discontinued?  Should I buy it now and store it and how long storing?  Will it turn color?  So much anxiety.
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    You should wait until you are a year out. Most likely you will regret buying a dress too early. There isn't just ONE dress out there that you will love, so just be patient and wait another few months, you should probably have your date and venue set before getting the dress.

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    WAIT!!  Just incase, because it can yellow, be damaged, you could change your mind completely on the style... (ex: folds of fabric is super in right now, but in a 1 1/2 years something different you love may be all over wedding gowns), and if you lose 1 or 2 sizes the dress you love now may not fit you the same when you drop the dress sizes.
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    i have mine already- and i bought it 17 months out.
    i did a lot of online research, and there was only one dress i liked. i went to the shop to try it on, to see how it looked, and ended up buying it that day.
    good thing too, as it was discontinued about 3-4 weeks later.
    im the kind of person who doesn't change their mind often, once i make a decision.
    also- i never pay attentoin to what is "in style" and that sort of thing.
    so i guess it really depends ....
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