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Re: QOTNight!

  • Wine! But I'm drinking bud light tonight.

  • Diet Coca Cola ;)

    I don't drink alcohol - though I've had a mudslide before and it was decent.
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  • bailey's with milk OR ceasars and I looove my wine..

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  • DC (Diet Coke) :) I don't drink - sugar gets me wild lol
  • haha, I love me some long island ice teas!!! It'll make me happy the whole night!!  i also enjoy Malibu, wine & I prefer water over soda most of the time
  • So - if you guys don't mind - I have an alcohol related question.

    Our wedding is on a Saturday afternoon. We have an hour of two passed alcoholic drinks.

    The choices are mimosas, blood mary's, champagne or house wine.

    I'm def. picking mimosas - but what should be the second choice?
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  • I would say house wine, probably appeals to more people.  I'm not a fan of champagne and I'm not sure I've ever had a blood mary, but I'm not a hard liquor person.

  • I loveee Margaritas on the rocks with salt! Yumm
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  • I love Pomegranate Margaritas with sugar or Magners.
  • Water...99% of the time that's what I'd choose!

    When I "go out", I do like long islands, though :) Basically any girly/fruity drinks too lol I also do wine once in a while.
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    [QUOTE]bailey's with milk OR ceasars and I looove my wine..
    Posted by Madisonpenny[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>I rec'd a few bottles of Ceasars from a friend for Christmas, never tried it before!  I think I have pino grigio and merlot... 

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  • Bright - I would say house wine.

    My favorite drink is grape vodka with sprite or moscato wine, or none alchoholic, green tea with purple acai and blueberry's.
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    [QUOTE]Water...99% of the time that's what I'd choose! When I "go out", I do like long islands, though :) Basically any girly/fruity drinks too lol I also do wine once in a while.
    Posted by owengirl996[/QUOTE]

    I admire people who drink a lot of water.

    I have a re-usable bottle that I carry with me to classes - but other than that - I never choose water and never drink it.  And I only carry the water bottle - because it seemed like everyone else in the nursing program only has been drinking water..and I felt weird with my soda all the time.

    It's just..so..tasteless. What's the secret to drinking it?
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  • Wine and coke. Though never together!! haha

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    Water, actually. Especially at my parents' house- I fill up jugs of water before heading back home!! I'm so boring!

    Other than water, I love lemonade & cranberry juice

    ETA: I realized this thread is about alcoholic drinks!! Riesling, hands down!!!
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  • Mandinoel- red wine and ice cold coke are actually delicious together! Bright- wine would probably appeal to more people, but I would probably choose bloody marys. I LOVE fresh margaritas on the rocks with salt.
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  • I am pretty much a beer girl. My preferred beer is Sam Adams Summer Ale, and the good 'ol Miller Light. On occasion i drink called liquid Marijuana. It is so delicious, it is made with Midori, Pineapple juice, Rum, Coconut Rum, and some other stuff.

    Non-alcoholic, i drink water most of the day, but i like peach iced tea, lemonade, grapefruit juice, and cranberry juice.
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