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Can I wear white?

I am sure that this question has been asked already but I couldn't see it on the board. This will be my second marriage. I would like to wear a white wedding dress. Would that be ok, or too wrong on so many levels?
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Re: Can I wear white?

  • Go for it.  If white's what you want to wear I think it's fine.  
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    I think this rule has kinda went out the door. I say go for it. I have known plenty of people who have worn white dresses for their second wedding. I don't really think the whole white=virgin applies much anymore regardless if it is a first or second wedding.
  • absolutely you can. it's your wedding you can wear whatever you want.
  • There aren't any rules about dresses. Or veils, shoes, garters, jewelry, whatever. Wear what YOU want to wear.
  • This was my third, and DH's second and I wore white.
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  • Go for it! I've seen several second time brides wear white, it's your wedding day!
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    [QUOTE]Of course you can wear white.  The only rule about second weddings is that you shouldn't wear a blusher veil that covers your face.  Everything else is OK.
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    Yup.  There's really no "white equals virgin, off-white equals dirty whore" rule anymore.  It's now "some shade of white equals bride."  If you want to wear white, go for it.
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  • Agreed with the above, there really aren't rules anymore about whiteness/purity. Wear white! My mom's first wedding she wore a black minidress (it was the 60s), and her second wedding was much more traditional. She wore white and no one cared.
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  • My step-sis wore white the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time.  The dress just got simpler each time, though that was at least partly the evolution of fashion and her taste.
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  • White does not and has never=virgin, or first wedding. There may be a few older ladies who get huffy about it, but they're the exact same people who would get huffy if you decided to wear any other color to your own wedding.
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