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Converting Cufflinks to Earrings?

Okay so here's my idea...

My dad is really proud of our scottish heritage. He loves to tell stories about the history of scotland and stories about our particular clan, etc etc. He even tried to convince my fiance to go with kilts instead of tuxes.

Anyways our theme or colors are not scottish at all but growing up listening to these stories, ive become somewhat sentimental to my last name and stories about that clan etc etc

SO i was thinking in order to incorporate some of my heritage into the wedding i could wear a pair of earrings made out of the crest. I found a great pair of cufflinks (which im ordering for my dad for the wedding) but i can only find rings and necklaces (no earrings). Im not wearing a necklace because of the style of my dress and FI has been hinting at getting me a ring hes had his eye on for my "bridal presen"t.

So what im trying to get at after that long explanation is it possible to make cufflinks into earrings. im going to check around with some shops before i order a second pair fo rmyself, but i have no idea if this is even possible and was hoping if anyone out there knew, because id hate to call and sound like a total idiot.

Re: Converting Cufflinks to Earrings?

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    I would imaging an innovative jeweler/metalsmith would have a ball taking on the project. Or, take the crest to a metalsmith and see if they could recreate it or if they'd prefer to just work off the cuff links. 

    And I think this is such a great touch! 
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    Try and maybe someone can do it.
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