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bridesmaid dress stress!

I would appreciate any input as to bridesmaids dresses.

I am so overwhelmed! I'm 23 and getting married in September. All my friends and family live in another state so I've been doing all the wedding planning... and I've been fretting over bridesmaids dresses for months! There isn't much time left, with ordering and all that jazz.

I have three maids: my little sister is quite tall, my fiance's sister, and one of my best friends. Each all different heights, skin tones, eyes colour, hair colour... you name it. I've been trying to find ONE dress in different colours (plum, sage green, brown), because they each look great in one of them, and that would match our wedding scheme perfectly.

However, the only dresses I have found that would flatter all of them are in the $135-$150 price range. I know my sister's dress will be taken care of by my parents, and it's possible my fiance's family will take care of his sister's. My friend is all that's left, and I feel horrible asking her to shell out that much money for a dress (even though the designs I like are very chic and able to be worn multiple times). Even worse, she has to fly in from out of state! Should I just go with the cheapest dress that I like (and I think they'd like), or choose one I really like and tell my friend I'll supplement whatever she can't afford?

My fiance's sister was a maid of honor last year, and she said that once you agree to be a maid or maid of honor, it's kind-of understood that you're also agreeing to the responsibilities of purchasing what is needed for your wedding attire.

Is this insane? I'm very cost-conscious (my wedding dress costs only about $200), but I want them to be beautiful, AND I want to like my wedding photos. Help, please?

Re: bridesmaid dress stress!

  • Well what are your girls comfortable spending on BM dresses?  Because they might be totally fine spending $150 for a dress, which IMO, is reasonable.  I know everyone's financial situation is different but I would expect to pay that for a dress, and have in the past.  Your best bet is to just chat with your girls! 
  • I don't think $150 is that much for a BM dress. I would definitely poll your girls and see what they are comfortable with. If you're ok with them wearing a different color each, why not a different dress, pending your approval of course. I meangirls with such different body types aren't going to really look like they are wearing the exact same dress if they are all different colors. Also, why not find a store that's common to everyone and get the dresses there? David's Bridal, obviously, but also places like Macy's, Nordstrom etc. See if the girls can find something they like. Also, keep in mind if you find a traditional BM dress, you can try to get them cheaper.
  • You should ask all the girls (separately) what they are able to afford for the dress. 
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  • Thank you for your helpful thoughts and suggestions. I have talked about pricing with my BMs, and the concensus is that they want soemthing less than $120 but still nice enough to re-wear. And I will let them pick out their own shoes in silver. Comfort is a must! 

    ...So I did a buttload of research and came up with a list of suggestions. I gave them a picture of my wedding dress, too, so they could understand where my style preferences came from.

    And get this... out of all the pictures I sent, my maid of honor said she likes the style of my wedding dress the best. I don't think she even read my email.

  • I agree with the other girls, just have an honest conversation with each girl.  Another thought though would be to select one color dress and look for a non-bridal collection bridesmaid dress. 

    Target has some cute dresses and they are SO cheap:

    The colors you listed are pretty neutral, especially brown, so I think you may be better off looking for a cheaper dress in one of those colors.  Just a thought!  I'm sure whatever you pick the girls will be fine with. 
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