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Bridesmaids Hair, HELP!!!

Hi everyone! I need some advice. My wedding is only 9 days away and my bridesmaids still have no clue what they're going to do with their hair. No one really has the money to go to a salon and get it done and they each have very different hair types. What would be the best solution to this delima. Thanks a bunch!!!

Re: Bridesmaids Hair, HELP!!!

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    Just have them do their own hair the way each girl likes- no need to have matching updos or anything like that. Each girl will know what works best on her.
    Some styles that are easy to DIY without a stylist are half up/down with a pretty hair chip, a chignon, or a french braid. You can also curl each other's hair or set in hot rollers the night before and pin up with bobby pins, or pull the curls into a low side pony.
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    See if any of your girls can do hair or maybe someone attending the wedding could help with that? Just a thought. I would at least have them pull it back so it's out of their eyes with a cute clip or some bobby pins or something. Curling iron, hot rollers, and hair spray are always good and I'm sure someone there will be able to help with doing it.
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    Just tell them to do what they would normally do for a special occasion. If they can't do updos, you can't go wrong with a good blow-dry or curlers.

    If any of them want to do an updo, I've had success doing my own by tying my hair in a ponytail, taking chunks, spraying them, and bobby pinning them into a loop onto my head.
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    Have they called all of the salons in their area? I got my wedding hair trial done at a place that was quite expensive for just a trial (never mind the wedding day price), and decided I didn't like it, but I didn't have the money to get another trial. I called a bunch of other salons nearby and finally found one that'd charge me about a third of the first salon's cost.

    I'd also put word out to your families and friends and see if anyone has an "in" with a hairdresser who can cut your BMs a break (asusming they WANT to have their hair professionally done). Maybe someone you know is not a pro stylist but just happens to be good at doing hair (my sister has a few friends like this). You could also inquire at a local beauty college and see what they charge, if anything, and also look on Craigslist. Sometimes new stylists will do hair and makeup for cheap/free just so they can get a reference and a portfolio picture.

    If nothing else, ask everyone to bring whatever styling tools and hair accessories she has to your home on the morning of the wedding, and everyone can pool their resources and figure something out ... whether it's straightening their hair or curling it, or maybe some French braids. Maybe buy some fresh flowers and they can tuck those into their hair for a little extra pop.

    And remember that they don't all need to have the same style. Frankly, that's just creepy and weird when they do.
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    where in Virginia are you located? I also live in virginia and maybe i could help do there hair or find someone that can help
    email me
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