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BM dresses too similar to wedding dress?

I don't have anything picked out yet.  But I have fallen in love with Maggie Sottero dresses with the caught up skirt.  I'm so in love with it that I think I want my bridesmaids and even the flower girl to have it as well.  Is this tacky or okay?  My fiance doesn't want the BMs to look like my dress at all, but I think I really like it.

I'm pretty close to getting this dress:

And I love these dresses for my bridesmaids:

Too much??

Re: BM dresses too similar to wedding dress?

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    Yes they are way to similar!!!!!!! Your wedding dress is lovely, you need to be the only one with a dress like yours... Now if you like that style i would suggest finding something that is shorter that may have a slight bustle look for example: cocktail dress length. If you like the long length I would suggest staying away from the bustled look for the BMS. It would be way too much!! And instead one bride walking down the isle it would like your BMS are getting hitched to.

    What style are you going for, like a theme or colors for your BMS and wedding?? Maybe if I can get details maybe we can find something that may catch your eye!!!!

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  • That dress is way too similar to your dress that you want!

    I think that if your FGs had a dress with the same pick-ups that woulld be ok :)
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  • I don't like the look of the two together.  Have you discussed budget with your BM yet?  Are you asking for their input on their dresses?
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  • Those two are too similar. However, there are quite a few BM dresses that have the pick ups in them. They'll even do tea length or short length like that. You may be able to find some bubble hems that have some pick up type stuff, and that would look very different from your dress.
  • I agree with PP that a shorter dress with a bubble hem may look better.
    Disclaimer: Please excuse the above comment. I'm probably freaking out because there is less than one month to go. Thank you.
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    That's my gown!!! I don't know if you've seen it in person yet or not, but it's even more beautiful in person.  The beading on it is breathtaking!!   I agree though with the pps, the bm dresses you like are too similar!  I'm sure you'll find something (since you have good taste!  :)  ) that will go much better!
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  • It is hard to say without seeing them in person, but they do look a bit too much like your dress. I know DB (I don't know what brands you are looking at) had some floor length dresses with rouching/full skirts like the one in the pic, but different enough so it wouldn't be too similar to your dress.

    I had a friend that got married last year and her dress was a full rouched/pick-up dress and her BM's wore similar yet different dresses from DB. I think I would keep looking before you decide for sure. And definitely ask your BM's their budgets bc from the pic it looks like a designer BM dress and those can be quite expensive.
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  • The only thing I know about my wedding so far is that I want a Maggie Sottero and the color theme will be red.  I just haven't seen any BM dresses that I like.  I have asked all my bridemaids to help me look.  My maid of honor's opinion will probably matter the most.  She hasn't shown me anything yet.  I was supposed to meet her this week to discuss ideas but I had to miss my plane! =(

    I have seen many Maggie Sottero dresses and I love almost all of them! I can't decide which one yet!!

    Thanks for everyone's input.  I will definitely nix this idea!
  • Yeah, I think that's way too much.  I'm not a fan of BMs in ballgown-type dresses, unless it's an elaborately themed masquerade wedding or something.
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    Another thing is to keep an open mind about the dress. After looking at wedding pics on here and looking at wedding dresses online, my taste slowly morphed into what I clearly liked. Then, when I tried on dresses, I knew for sure what silhouette looks best on me. Then it was even easier to shop for a dress. Check out allurebridals.com and essensedesigns.com, they have several different shapes and styles and beautiful options! Another thing I didn't think about going into dress shopping-- you can really customize a dress when you order it. Add a sweetheart, change the shape from a-line to trumpet, remove a flower or sash...

    As for the BM dress, I would maybe think of something like this with that wedding dress if you are wanting long BM dresses-- (girl on left) http://www.allurebridals.com/index.php?id=3&product_id=566 or if you really want the pick up http://www.allurebridals.com/index.php?id=3&product_id=451
     and there are short versions like this http://www.alfredangelo.com/Collections/ProductDisplay.aspx?productID=e6e75d12-e92c-492c-947e-3a42b2facecb&categoryID=772f03c9-de43-4942-bfa0-da77e21ebd65&pg=0&colorId1=

    Disclaimer: Please excuse the above comment. I'm probably freaking out because there is less than one month to go. Thank you.
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  • Thanks, AmberMarie!! I really like the Alfred Angelo!!
  • I think it's totally fine, but if I were a bridesmaid, I'd be pissed about having to wear that gigantic things. Seriously, pick-ups on a bridesmaid's dress? Way too much fuss. But that's totally just my taste, and I only mention it because it's always worth asking what your maids think is okay.
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