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Wedding Colors Dilemma

I have two ideas for wedding attire/colors, but I am having a hard time choosing between the two of them.

Idea 1: Black & White Attire:
Bridesmaids will be wearing short black dresses, groomsmen will be wearing black pants with a wite long sleeve button up shirt and a black tie. Groom will be wearing the same with a black jacket  

Idea 2: Navy & Light Blue
Bridesmaids will be wearing short navy blue dresses, groomsmen will be wearing gray suits with a light blue tie (I may add a light blue sash to bm dresses)

We are getting married in the November, so it will be a fall wedding. I want to add pops of color in the flowers and stationary. Im also having difficulties coming up with inspiration for flower arrangements and bouquet colors. If I choose black and white I want to stay away from too much orange because I dont want it to resemble halloween. I would love to incorporate lime green in the colors of the flowers.
I am looking for a classic, elegant, and timeless look. I also want to keep it simple, as we are having an evening wedding on a Friday.
We will be having an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception. My venue is rustic, which I want to tie into the theme. For images of the venue please use this link:

Wedding venue: 

Any suggestions, feedback, comments, and opinions are welcome. I like both color combos equally, and need help choosing.

Thanks!!! :D

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