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Do not how to style a suit

So my fiance and hisnbest man are going suit shopping this weekend. We are having a semi-formal wedding so we aren't doing tuxes. They both wanna buy their suits instead of renting because the best man is getting married the month after us. I'm in charge of the dress shirts and ties. But, I've never dressed a guy in a suit. I don't know what looks good. I was thinking for my fiance a ivory dress shirt with a red tie and same for best man except a baby blue tie. Any ideas???

Re: Do not how to style a suit

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    Can't go wrong with an ivory or white shirt.  What are your wedding colors?  You could coordinate the ties with that. 
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    I would go with a white shirt.  Mens ivory shirts tend to look quite yellow.  My dress was ivory and the guys wore white shirts and you couldn't tell the difference.  We also got all the GM the same tie in our wedding colors and DH wore the same color tie in a slightly different pattern.
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    Why are you in charge if you don't know how to dress a man in a suit?

    Go to an expensive men's store that sells suits and have the sales guy put together shirts and ties. You also have to consider the cut of the shirt, the fabric, style.
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    i'd check with them on the baby blue tie, baby blue is the absolute last color my fiance would allow, he thinks it looks wussy, just make sure that the fellas ok with it and then go for that idea cause it sounds great
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    I am a Bridal Stylist, I would go with a White shirt and the grooms tie should match your key color theme. For the Grooms Men you could do a white shirt with a pattern tie that has theme color in it. If you have multiple colors in your theme then I would pick the other key color the groom is not wearing for the grooms men. Hope this helps!
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