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I have never been dress shopping before.  I think I've stepped into a bridal salon I have a few questions on how to do this whole shopping thing lol

What kind of undergarments should I wear?

What are some tips on making this experience as fun as possible? :P

I have to travel 7 hours to get somewhere that has a shop so Ill be doing as much shopping as I can in one day, hopefully taking pictures of dresses (if they will let me) and ordering something after I sleep on it (and loose a few more lbs)

Re: Dress Shopping

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    I wore a nude colored strapless bra.  Also, wear underwear that you are comfortable having someone else see.  Many of the dresses are extremely hard to put on by yourself and the consultant will help dress you.

    If you have any idea of how you might want to wear your hair, you may want to do something to help you visualize the look of the dress.  (i.e. Wear a ponytail if  you plan on an updo)

    I think that's about it.
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    Thanks cschuma2!

    One more question.... Im a big girl.  Im a size 18 or 20.  Should I let them know that I am plus size when I make my appointment?  Im willing to jet their average rack dresses will be a bit small!
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    I don't know.  I went to David's Bridal which has samples in all sizes,  I would think if they have samples that fit you, no problem.  If they don't have samples in your size, telling them on the phone won't really help much.

    Hopefully they have something close though.  I'm a 16 and I think that I would have been uncomfortable ordering a dress that I could only see halfway on because the sample was only an 8.
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    I found an article in a bridal magazine that had some good tips about dress shopping. This is what it said:

    1. Try to get the earliest appointment, you will get more attention.

    2. Don't bring too many people. You could get confused with all the oppinions.

    3. Take time to get ready like you would for a normal day at work. Wear your normal makeup and hair.

    4. Wear a flesh-toned strapless bra and panties. You really can see color through some of the dresses.

    5. Don't forget the cost alterations is often not included in the cost of the dress so this will need to be part of your dress budget.

    Hope you find this helpful. Good luck on your dress hunt.
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    Thanks for the tips!

    I will be going with just my mom.  I have always pictured myself going with her and made sure that when she comes to the state in August that we would go dress shopping.  it will be extra special since my parents are getting ready for move overseas for several years and I probably wont see her until just before the wedding!
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    This is a good time for Clearance Sales, and since you are getting

    married in the fall, there should be plenty as they prepare for the

    Spring dressed to arrive. Also, there are so many clothing resale shops

    now, and they have beautiful dresses. You have time, so shop till you

    are sure you found the perfect dress!!">">">

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    That will be a great memory to have of you and your mom before she moves! It's great that you get to spend such a special day with her.

    My only advice is keep an open mind to different styles. You may think you know what will look great on, but something totally different may just end up being perfect. Have fun!
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    If you think you are going to wear something like spanx the day of. I would bring them along. I wished I had them when I found "the" dress because it was one size too small. I could have gotten a better idea of how it would lay if I would have been able to pull it completely down.  I think it's a good idea to tell them the size over the phone when confirming your appt.  Some shops I went to had a few dresses pulled when I got there and it was helpful for time.
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