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I need a Hair Stylist with a “To Go Bag.”

If you are interested or know someone who might be…  I am getting married on Sat. Oct. 16th 2010 at the Rollinsford Legion Hall in Rollinsford NH.I live in Farmington NH.  I need a Hair Stylist with a “To Go Bag.”  If everything goes right:           I need a Hair Stylist to come to my home the day of the wedding and style me hair. They would arrive at the crack of dawn (not sure exact time now, but early morning) and do my hair before the photographer arrives to take pictures of me and my bride’s maids. If the poop hits the fan:            If I can not get into the rental hall the day before the wedding (Friday, Oct. 15th) to decorate because they have rented it for another occasion for that night, I will need to decorate the hall the day of the wedding. I would need the Stylist to meet me at the Rollinsford Legion Hall. I have rented both rooms on the second floor. The larger one is for the ceremony and reception and the smaller one across the hall is for photos, storage, and poop hits the fan stuff. The hair stylist would do my hair there.   I know nothing about hair. I wash it, dry it, put some moisturize in it, and throw it up in a pony tail or bun for the day. My mother always told me I had African American hair. My sister has African American hair and my hair is nothing like hers, but again, I know nothing about hair. It is thick and long, but looks small pulled tight across my head and put in a bun. It frizzes and curls easily. All I have to do is wet it, comb it through, add some hair spray, let dry, and I have a beautiful curly bob of hair. I normally try to keep it short (easier to manage and looks nicer when it is all curled up), but I have been letting it grow (not sure about wedding hair, can always get it cut).   It takes the girls 2 hours at the Wal-Mart hair saloon to hot iron straight. They only charge me $20 so no big deal. I have gotten the impression that I will need to have it shampooed and hot ironed the day before so it is suitable for styling the day of the wedding.  Need to meet with the hair stylist before hand to do a trial run of my wedding hair. Will pay for appointments day of appointments.

Re: I need a Hair Stylist with a “To Go Bag.”

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    Call Envisions Spa and Salon in Hampstead NH.  Emma and Kelly do traveling hair and make up, you can talk to either one of them they're really nice. 
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    Thank You.

    Mapquest says they are over an hour from where I live, but I will call them to find out prices. You never know. I was thinking of maybe Farmington, Milton, Wolfeboro, Alton, Rochester, Dover, Somersworth, Portsmouth areas. Thanks.

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    I know that I saw a sign outside of Unique Reflections in Somersworth NH saying that they travel.  I believe they do makeup too if you wanted that.  Their number is
    603 692 7002.  They are on Hight Street close to Seacoast Redi Care and         Wal-mart.  I hope this helps. 
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