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New Hampshire

Invitation wording question

I met with my wedding coordinator this weekend and realized that I'm going to have some time in between my ceremony and reception.  Assuming it's a 30 min ceremony here is how I see the day going

4pm ceremony
430pm receiving line (how long do these typically last for about 110-120 guests?
5pm guests drive to reception (30 min drive)
6pm cocktail hour starts

We are having the reception at a hotel, but the coordinator said most guests will check in at 2pm before the ceremony to change and freshen up.

Long story short, should we put the reception time on the invitations as 6pm instead of immediatly following so people understand that they don't have to rush to the reception?  We will have food and drinks but the doors can not open any earlier than 545pm.  If we don't put it on the invitation, how do we alert guests of the time?


Re: Invitation wording question

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    Can you have a seperate reception cards that would list the time and location of the reception?  That way you only have the time of the ceremony on the invite.  I ordered mine from Vistaprint (pic in bio).  Although they don't match my invites perfectly, I think the go nicely.  We also put accomodation info on the back of them.

    You could just put a little message at the bottom of the invite if you don't want seperate cards.  You could say something like "Reception to follow at 6 o'clock in the evening at Reception Site Name."
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    Is there a way to have the ceremony a little later?  Most people will go right to the reception from the ceremony and you dont want people waiting around for the doors to open for your guests.
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    on the receiving line with 110-120 guest it will take approx 30 min. If you have both sets of parents you will add a little more time however the bridal party is really not suppose to be in the receiving line if you add them it could take 45 to 1 hour.

    If you leave the information for the ceremony and reception on your invite I would defiantly add the reception start time.

    Hope this helps
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    I would tell ppl 6 so they dont rush right over there,,,

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