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I need help choosing shoes!

I can't seem to find shoes that will go with my dress. I never wear heels and I would like to be comfortable, my fiance is only 2 1/2 inches taller than I am. We are going for a "20's Hollywood glamour" sort of vibe. What do you think?

Re: I need help choosing shoes!

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    Your dress is gorgeous! Which color did you get? There are a lot of cute ballet flats with embellishment. I found several at Nordstrom. Also try DSW and they have a wedding link on their page so you don't have to search through all those shoes that are too casual. I was going to wear blue ballet flats but ended up getting an ivory and champagne dress. The shoes clashed too much so I got different ones.
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    I had a horrible time with shoes... several pair later I found mine at  They have a huge selection!
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    What about a cute Mary Jane?  Some lines (Aerosoles, Cole Haan) have very good padding built into the footbed almost like a sneaker so they are very comfortable even if there is a small heel.  That might fit the 20's vibe to a T!  There are also some web sites where you can find vintage-looking shoes.
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    You can totally design your OWN shoes on this site -- i'm obsessed... -- they'll even do flats!
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    Great dress for your theme! I would say go for a flat or a kitten heel. You've got the full-length dress, so you won't need to worry about how the shoes look most of the time. You could even go for a cute punch of color. I use Zappos sometime  to find shoes by style, and it works pretty well.
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