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shipping fee on my bridal gown?

I found the dress I want, we go through the pricing and they want to charge $75 for shipping....I have never heard of that before?

Is that normal?  I would think that is just an overhead cost for them???



Re: shipping fee on my bridal gown?

  • I've never heard of that. Unless you need it sooner than they can patiently get it there.
  • i've heard of this, if the dress is ornate or heavy, being sent internationally or by a quick mailing system this would make alot of sense
  • I just had been to other places and none of my quotes on other dresses included any sort of shipping fee.  So when she said $75 shipping fee....I was very surprised!  I don't need the dress rushed in or anything, just normal

    The dress is a Mikaella.  Maybe they have some thing.  I think the dresses are made in Canda? maybe because it isn't the USA they charge you?

    I just didn't want to be getting screwed with "extra fees" when you can negotiate out of them...

    Did you all think that $300 for 2" extra length on the dress was excessive too?

    I really really appreciate all this help!  It is easing my mind!
  • If you feel like you're being overcharged, shop around! Call other stores that carry that line and ask them for a quote. Also check places such as, and Even if you don't want to buy it online (which you might consider because they are often way cheaper and both of those are completely legitimate), many bridal salons will price match those sites.
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