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Bridal Shop Appts.

I am planning on going shopping for my dress the Saturday of MLK weekend (January 16).  My questions are:

1. how many shops should I go to in a single day... at what point will I just be too overwhealmed?
2. how long do i need at each shop?
3. how far in advance should I make the appts????

Thanks for all your help! I am so excited to start but that is the first weekend I can have my two moms (mom and FMIL) and MOH there!
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Re: Bridal Shop Appts.

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    I personally could only do one shop per day but its up to you. I was so hot when I was trying on gowns that I was sweating. The sales lady said that it was common but she may have been being nice. I tried on about 15 gowns that day and it was overwhelming for me. Maybe u could do an am appt and then an appt after lunch. My first 2 appts were booked for about an 75 minutes because I hadn't settled on a style yet so the consultants wanted enough time. I suggest u call the shop and ask these questions. You can never book too early and they will know more or less how long you will need. For me... its exhausting putting on gown after gown and some of them are heavy. This may also depend on the type of gown u like. All mine where ginormous A-lines that were heavy but a lace or chiffon gown will be lighter. Hope this helps a little bit.
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    research some dresses first and have an idea about what designers you like. then make appointments at decently sized salons so that there will be a larger selection and you won't have to make so many trips to different places.

    i ended up with two appointments. the first lasted 1.5h, the second about 2h (this included measurements, pictures, etc). i tried on probably a total of 30 dresses between the two appointments and i was freaking wasted after each one. all i wanted was a margarita when i was done.
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    1. I did one shop on a given day. I found that even after trying on 5-6 dresses that didn't work, I'd start to become annoyed and discouraged. I tried on probably 10-12 at each shop.

    2. I spent about an hour at each place.

    3. Only one shop I visited required an appointment; two others didn't. I was able to make the appointment just a few days ahead, but then again I went on a weekday evening. Call the shops to ask.
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    its not likely that i am going to be able to get everyone together to be able to go with me again so i was hoping to knock a few stores out. hmmmm i'll have to come up with a plan B... I already know the style I like so hopefully that will help!
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    thanks for all of your help!
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    I think you could make a day of it if you're going with a group of people. I don't know what kind of shops you're looking at but places like David's Bridal have huge selections and can take awhile and then maybe do a smaller shop later in the day if you need to. I agree with the pp that maybe do a morning appointment and then have lunch with the girls for some refreshment and then go to another appointment after that. I also agree that you should make appointments with the shops so you can be sure to have someone give you great service. It's a great idea to bring in pictures of dresses that you like. It's very helpful to the consultants and makes things go by faster. Even if the shop doesn't have the designer in the picture they may have a similar style you can try on. HTH and GL on your dress hunting!
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