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Order online?

I found this one website called and it looks legit because it has videos of the dresses and it also has an actual boutique in LA. However I was wondering, has anyone ever bought a dress from the website? If so, how was your experience?
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Re: Order online?

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    You need to be very cautious when ordering a dress from the web for two reasons:

    1. Be wary of any knock-off dress sites -I would do a LOT of research before ordering any dress online.

    2. Wedding gown sizes are not the same as regular clothing sizes.  Example - I weare a 14/16 in street clothes, my wedding dress is a size 18W and fits almost perfectly.
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    I totally understand about wanting to save money, but come on now, this is YOUR wedding day and do you really want to take a chance with ordering online where you could have a hassle with the quality and sizing and having no way to return it?? 

    Work with a bridal salon that is reputable, they will work with you on getting EVERYTHING right, from the pricing to the fit, I have heard of many horror stories, is it really worth it to you.  That is something you will have to decide.
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    So I check the BBB because I was curious once you posted this. They are a legitimate business and have a A- rating which isnt bad. Here is the link:

    While I personally would not purchase my dress online, this particular site looks safe to me. If you are still not sure, trying calling the customer service numbers and see what you get.
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    not sure on that website but we have bought twice from
    and seems not scam, they has real brides pics and reviews. many friends orderes dress from them too.
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