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Caution advised when using Men's Wearhouse

We had such a disappointing experience with Men's Wearhouse. Of the 5 tuxedos ordered, only ONE fit properly. My dad's pants were 2 inches to short, my fatherinlaw had clown pants, my brother's jacket was too small an had to be delivered ON OUR WEDDING DAY, and my husband's jacket shirt were too big. The men were measured at two different stores so I can't even attribute it to one person not measuring the men properly. The sales people did not seem concerned that the two days before the wedding nothing fit they obviously have never been a bride!! and when we returned the tuxes, we mentioned our issues and no one seemed to care. We are contacting the store managers at both stores. Hopefully they actually hear our concerns!!!

Re: Caution advised when using Men's Wearhouse

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    Sorry to hear of your experience, very stressful. We went to Mens Wearhouse here in MA and did not have a good experience. They had a very limited selection and tried to tell us a jacket that was way too big for my fiance was his size. It did not look good at all. We ended up going elsewhere and got much better service.
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    we had a great experience.  Everyone picked up their tuxes yesterday from two different stores and they fit perfect.  I guess stores are hit or miss.
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    ^^^Yup, like any other chain, there's some good ones and some bad ones. We did suits and all who ordered pieces from MW had great experiences- even when my dad encountered a poor sales assistant, the manager who he spoke to assisted him personally afterward- even within a store, customer service can vary! Sorry you had such a bad experience; I wouldn't have wanted to deal with that so close to the wedding either.
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    Sorry you had a terrible experience. There are 2 MW's near where I live but we go to the farther one because the customer service is exceptional. When we first went in there we met a new employee just starting his first day. He was amazing and took great care of us. FI and I have been in there multiple times now and every time he sees us he rushes over. Maybe there's another MW nearby that you can use if necessary in the future.
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    M had that same problem for his friends wedding in August! None of the mens tux's fit but they were from the Tux Shop. Sorry to hear they flubbed it though, I hope that customer service handles this properly.
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    Leenie10 Just curious what store in MA did you go to? We're planning on using Men's Wearhouse and will definitely avoid that location if possible (we're getting married in MA). Thanks!
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    I called and spoke with the assistant manager at the store where we picked up the tuxes.  The manager was upset that we had such an awful experience and asked what he could do to help.  I told him to make sure no other bride & groom have this problem.  He then asked what he could do for me, and I jokingly said my husband needs a new suit, so he offered 50% off a purchase and gave me his personal number to contact him when we were ready to shop so he could be there. I appreciated his offer and thanked him for it, but to me it was the whole point of the crappy service and issues that should not have happened to begin with.  We did not want to give them our money after the debacle so we haven't been in to collect on it yet.  My father-in-law apparently said his associate he dealt with seemed pissed that he had to waste his time re-fitting him for a tux since the associate wouldn't be getting commission on a sale.
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