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New Hampshire

125 Bridal Boutique

Any information on this boutique? I am coming down from Maine and am short on time and was curiuos to what people that about this salon, I haven't heard any feedback. Any other good places to check out in the Portsmouth area besides Madeline's Daughter?


Re: 125 Bridal Boutique

  • FireDancer04FireDancer04
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    I tried on a few dresses there about a year ago. They were very nice and they now have a much bigger salon since I was last there. If you have time you should also check out Modern Bridal in Bedford, You don't need an appointment there. 
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    I ordered bridesmaid dresses there because it was more local to my girls and it wasn't a bad experience so far. It was prom time when I was there so those dresses were everywhere. I'm sure once thats over it won't be so crazy
  • chubbybunnychubbybunny
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    Got our bridesmaids' dresses there. The staff wasn't the friendliest, but there was a decent selection. The prices were pretty much in line with other boutiques.
  • mariegramariegra
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    This is negative feedback based upon our personal experience with 125 Bridal in Plaistow.

    The offered a coupon, but it is only good if you buy your dress on your first visit there.  Otherwise, it is no good.  The staff works on commission and is very high-pressure sales.  Also, we had found the EXACT same dress at Modern Bride in Bedford for significantly less than what it was priced at 125 Bridal....something like over $200 more....for the SAME dress!!!

    Trust me...check out Modern Bride...no appt. necessary, very friendly staff...and prices are very good.  Madeline's was OK, but a bit pricey too.  Some people have had good luck at Marry & Tux in Nashua, but didn't find anything that we liked as much there.
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    I tried on dresses there a few months ago and it was an awful experience. You receive your own room to try on the dresses, however, your friends are in the same room while you change. The consultant kept leaving me freezing, standing in my underwear for up to 10 minutes at a time while she went to find dresses. Finally, I when I thought I may have found 'the one' but wanted to go home and sleep on it, they refused to give me the designer name or style number. I didn't go back. I definetly had a better experience at Modern Bride in Bedford and bought my dress from A Day to Remember in Concord. Good luck!
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    Definitely check out Modern Bride.  I got my dress there!
  • MrsR0511MrsR0511
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    I found that I liked the selection better at 125 Bridal than I did at Modern Bride. The staff leave a little to be desired honestly. Natalie is helpful but it seems like all the other girls couldn't answer questions and defer to her. They definitely won't give you style numbers or names unless you are buying the dress which is annoying.

    I did by my dress there and the bridesmaid dresses there but I wouldn't use them for alterations. If you are going for overall experience, they aren't the best. They have a very large selection though. HTH!
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    125 Bridal was AWFUL!  Went there with a list of 10 BM dresses (they carried the designers) and when they didn't have any of them the saleswoman was trying to pressure me and the girls to look at dresses that had nothing to do with the style we were looking for.  She wouldn't even listen to what we were looking for.  We immediately left.

    I've had a wonderful experience at Madeliene's and bought my gown there.  Honestly, if you're in Maine, it's super easy just to stop in there.  I bought a sample gown really inexpensively ($700) and it's gorgeous so they def. will have something for every budget.  My consultant was amazing and sweet.

    I've had a bad experience with Modern Bride, too.  Unless you're buying a bridal gown the consultants treat you like crap.  Went there to look at BM and MOB dresses only to get walked over by consultants while we were looking at dresses on the racks (I guess we were in the way?).  Look elsewhere.

    I had a great experience with a little bridal shop in Haverhill, MA, The Classic Couple.  We bought our BM dresses there.  Super sweet consultants although seems to have a smaller selection in house.
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    I just put down a deposit for my dress at Modern Bride in Bedford. Included in the price of the dress was also the bustle, a press, and a tux for my FI. Their taylor was also there, who ensured that we ordered the right size. I cannot say enough good things. Everything was excellent! My good friend and my cousin also both got their dresses there, and I go a bridesmaid dress there for my friend's wedding and had no issues.

    If Bedford is too far, there is a newer salon right in the Fox Run Mall called Bob and Bills. They traditionally were a jeweler, but have recently expanded. There is a big bridal salon in the back of the store (they have 2 stores in the mall, one only for jewelry, and one for jewelry and dresses). I went there once to try on dresses. It feels weird to try dresses on in the mall, but they seemed to carry several designers featured on the knot. Their website is http://billandbobsbridal.intuitwebsites.com/
    Best of luck!
  • Laurell12Laurell12
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    I got my bridemaid's dresses, MOB, and MOG dresses here. When we went in we knew exactly what we wanted, which I think helped, but if you don't have an appointment and just go in, they will probably tell you to come back later even if you just want to look. The staff is hit and miss, the employee that worked with us was very sweet and made sure everything went smoothly. However, there are a couple girls there that are not the friendliest. We bought the dresses here basically for the convenience and they had the designer we wanted. I'm not sure if I would ever go back. I bought my gown at Madeline's and everything has gone great.
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    I bought my dress from 125 bridal and I had no problems when I was looking for my dress but when I came back to look at accessories they were very rude and really made me angry! I was looking at shoes that I liked and I took a picture of them and the manager flipped out and was like, "You can't take pictures of those shoes! You can buy them here! Do not take pics!" It was a little ridiculous considering they were just shoes...He made me delete the picture it was crazy!

    I live in Florida but am having my wedding back in NH and my parents live right near 125 so buying my dress there was simply a matter of convenience. I didn't have a lot of time to shop for a dress and I am pretty easy to please once I try something on that I like. If you are a strong person like I am and know what you want 125 isn't a bad experience.

    I highly reccommend Bella Sera Bridal in Danvers, MA! They were really friendly and helpful on the day we went to look for bridesmaids dresses.

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    I heard from girls who thought they were a bit overpriced.  A friend of mine looked there and then went to Modern Bride in Bedford and the same dress was a few hundred cheaper.   My sister got her wedding dress there and they never put in her crinoline that she ordered.  I would check out Modern Bridal though
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