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On-Line Dress??

I am on a very tight budget(only have about $200 for a dress). I found a dress at but I can't find any reviews other then what is on their website. They do say they offer a full refund, but I'm still a bit weary of ordering a dress online. Just wondering if anyone has purchased from them or has any advice! Thanks!

Re: On-Line Dress??

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    danielle16_17danielle16_17 member
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    why not buy a used one from bravobride or or even craigslist then at least you could try on the dresses
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    One of the girls on the board said that David's Bridal is having a huge sale this week.  Maybe try going there and see what they have.
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    Did you end up buying that dress online?  

    I'm in similar situation.  I found an extremely affordable dress I love on but I'm concerned about ordering it.  

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