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Wanted: Used VW Audrey *Dream Dress*

Vera Wang Audrey (Luxe) Size 2-4 something around there... (I'm 5ft7 115lb hate wearing flats but I will)This is my dream dress and I'm looking for it used, watching on the pre-owned online sites (FYI for anyone else)encorebridal.comidonowidont.compreownedweddingdresses.comweddingbee.comoncewed.comworeitonce.comI am in LA (westwood)... I can't spend 12k on the dress.  I will, however, offer my fiance's kidney and a down payment on the difference.  I might need my kidneys.  I'm no fool.  Seriously, anyone out there with suggestions of a fab seamstress etc would be appreciatedxoxo

Re: Wanted: Used VW Audrey *Dream Dress*

  • Wedinred - Are you still interested in going in half with another bride for the Audrey Vera Wang??? I am interested in doing this and am ready to buy. If you are still interested and the sizes work, please contact me at [email protected]
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