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Ok, here's the FI has decided to have his sister as his Best woman instead of his brother as the best man...long issue is what should she wear? The BMs are wearing blue dresses and the guys khakis with blue shirts & ties..does she wear a BM dress? And what color???

Im up for any ideas!!! Thanks!


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    One neat wedding detail I saw: the groomsmen all were wearing custom ties, and the best woman wore one as well (except she wore hers loose, more like a necklace).  It looked really nice, and was a great way to clearly put her on the guys' side.
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    We are having two girls (and a guy) on each side.  They are all going to wear the same dress, with the girls on my side in one of our colors and the girls on his side in the other.
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    How about the same dress as the bridesmaids in a tan (khaki color) w/ a blue sash the same color as the groomsmen?
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    I think the khaki dress is a good idea...a sash would look funny with the dress, so i cant do that...
    Thanks for all the ideas!
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    I love the tie idea! That is a very good way to make sure she is recognized as being on the grooms side.

    I have seen the champagne color in the DB store and I think it is lighter than most tan colors but it would definitely coordinate with the GM's suits.

    I think she needs to have some blue to go with the BP colors more. If she can't wear a sash, I again love the idea. But if you don't like that idea or she isn't that comfortable with it then.....

    What dress is it? I am the MOH in my BFF's wedding and the dress doesn't work with the sash so we decided to put the sash on the top of the dress, bring it around to the back and tie a bow with it in the back and let it hang down my back. It looks gorgeous!

    GL! :-) Just make sure to ask her what she feels comfortable in as well, that is very important!
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    My SIL was a groomswoman, and she just wore the same dress as the bridesmaids.  I gave her the option of choosing something different, but she wanted to look the same. There are pics in my married bio.
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    Hi! I am new to the boards...yay.  We are also having a best woman.  She is just going to wear the same dress as my maids.  Good luck!
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    What about doing a nice skirt to match the mens khaki and then a blue top, so she would blend into the men but still be feminine
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