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Maggie Sottero Tabrett

I. Love. This. Dress.But it is a little out of my price comfort zone.I wouldn't mind buying it used from another bride, or even buying a "designer inspired" dress from an unknown label that looked very similar.I've checked eBay, preowned websites, etc.  But people keep asking more for it that I would think was resonable.  The store I tried it on in was selling it new for $1500 and it's listed on eBay (used) for $1300 and on preowned sites for around $1200.  Well, if I'm spending that much anyways, then I might as well get it new from the store.Advice? Known sources? Perhaps you may even have this beautiful treasure hanging in your closet that you would be willing to part with for an amount I would be willing to pay?I'm thinking I should accept my pauper status, move on to similar dresses that I can afford and abandon my search.  Eh?

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