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Marisa 737 Sizes

Does anyone who has a Marisa 737 know if the size chart is inaccurate? According to my measurements, I would be a size 6 or 8, but I know someone who has the same dress in a size 4, and she is basically my same measurements. Anyway, just thought I'd see if you all could share your wisdom regarding ordering the right size. My actual measurements are 33, 24, 34 1/2. Thanks!

Re: Marisa 737 Sizes

  • I'd love to hear an update on how your Marisa dresses fit! I'm a 33/26/37. But I can wear a street size 2. I can't imagine buying a 10 or 12! But I don't want to be stubborn and order the wrong size bc of the number!
  • I'm 4'11, measurements are 35 breast, 26 1/2 waist, 38 hip - I ordered a ten and it came in today. THe sample I tried on was a ten but this one is a lot smaller since it hasn't been stretched. Anyway, it's about the right size but will need to be taken in in a lot of places, mostly the hip/bottom area. I usually wear a 2-4 in Banana Republic. I think it will be perfect after some nipping and tucking!
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