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HELP: I found my dress BUT

Okay so today I went to try on dresses. While there I saw one that I thought was nice and decided to try it on. Well I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. The issue is its way out of my price range. I wanted to stay in the 1K range and this is $2600. (prices were not listed on the gown and unfortunately I didnt ask until afterwards) So my question is does anyone know another designer that carries a similar dress. IMO the best parts: trumpet fit and the detail lace near the hem. Please help, I need to decide on a dress asap and am having the hardest time. Its just so frustrating that I found a dress I want to wear but I cannot afford it. I want to scream:-( Its Paloma Blanca #3953

Re: HELP: I found my dress BUT

  • i tried looking it up but it wasnt working for me. depending how far away your wedding is maybe you can wait for it to go on sale. or take a picture of it to a place that can make it for you but at a lower price. theres a thread going on the first page of this board about getting your dress made. HTH
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