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Biggest money worry when it comes to the wedding....

My biggest money worry whenit comes to the wedding, is not getting the dress I want. Since I dont have money right now to get it.

Whats you diggest money worry when it comes to wedding?
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Re: Biggest money worry when it comes to the wedding....

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    Not going to much over buget that my dad is giving us, so fare not that much over buget just a little but still 5 months to go. All the little things add up so fast.

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    Our biggest money worry was pretty much just having enough of it.  We're literally breaking even- we won't have anything left in the wedding account, but we won't owe anyone a dime, either.  I consider that a success, since we're paying for about 85% of the wedding ourselves.
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    Our biggest money worry was catering/beverages for the reception. Our huge decline rate made it not a problem, but I wish I could have spent that money elsewhere, like on a better photographer. I really regret skimping on a photographer.
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    My biggest money worry was not having enough to pay for all the extra stuff we wanted to host.  Luckily, I was extremely diligent about saving during our engagement, and we were able to host everything we wanted and still had enough to spare for a kickass honeymoon.

    Do you have a particular dress in mind?  I just went to David's and found something great that fit my budget.
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    I was worried that, though we'd easily meet our minimum of guests & it was a smallish wedding, we wouldn't have money left for much of ANYTHING once we covered food & beverage.

    *OPAL* - it may not be much consolation but we didn't hold back on photography & we were extremely disappointed with our photos given the research we did & the money we spent!
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    Sorry to hear that, Jaytee. I wasn't just disappointed with the photos, but also the whole experience. The guy was impossible to work with, and has repeatedly blamed me for his failings. I'm sure I could have at least found someone without a sucky attitude. Oh well. It's over and done.
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    The budget. we are trying our best to keep it down to under $5,000 (that doesn't count our marrage prep classes we have been paying for as well)

    So far we are doing alright but I know it will be over a little just not sure how much over yet. I guess we will see when it gets closer.
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    The cost of photos, food, and alcohol are really stressing me out.
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    Everything is stressing me out of cost. Just looking at vendor costs. I have already come to terms that I will probably buy a sample dress or even a once used one as long as it is in great condition. seems to be a pretty good source finding good deals on designer dresses. 

    The venue and food costs are stressing me out because it is actually my fiance that has higher expectations in food than I do (Men).  We are probably paying 95%+ of this wedding by ourselves and with both of us just starting new careers and I still have some student loans I am paying for, makes it really tight.
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